Aashray for Sick And Helpless Animals

(A Charitable Trust Since 21st June 2011. Registration No. 4/75/329/-360/147)
(Exemption Under Section 80 G)
Varanasi, U.P (221002)

Adopt An Animal

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If more people adopt pet rather than buying them then the number of stray animals can be drastically reduced. When you adopt, you save a loving animal by making it a part of your family and you open the shelter for another animal, which it can be desperately needed.

Meet Garry

Very friendly and playful male kitten.

Meet Binny

Very friendly and playful female kitten.

Meet Cherry

Healthy friendly and playful male cat.

Meet Mithi

Healthy friendly and playful female cat.

Meet Kelly

Very friendly three leg female dog.

Meet Jacky

Orphaned male dog.

Meet Jill

Orphaned male dog.

Meet Julie

This little pup was attacked by other dogs on neck.

Meet Romeo

Accident victim dog.

Meet Tipu

Adorable three leg male dog.