Aashray for Sick And Helpless Animals

(A Charitable Trust Since 21st June 2011. Registration No. 4/75/329/-360/147)
(Exemption Under Section 80 G)
Varanasi, U.P, India (221002)

Service charges

Service charges

Aashray was established with the single objective of helping out any animal in distress, but for that we need your support. Running a facility costs money, right from paying salaries to utility bills. Not to forget the amount that goes into keeping the animals at the shelter healthy and well fed. In absence of a perennial source of funding from any government or private entities, the expenses of the shelter are borne by its founder from her own savings and income. With a few occasional kind hearted donors from time to time, whose support helps us in keeping the shelter running. With cases on rise and with limited staff and resources it becomes a necessity to charge for the services. Had our resources been enough, trust us we would have not charged you a penny, but till such time we seek your support in the form of below mentioned charges to keep us afloat and running. The amount you pay for our services not only goes into ensuring treatment of your pet or reported animal but it also helps us in helping those countless souls who are out there fending for themselves every single day, who do not have their humans to pay for their medical bills or to put food in their bellies rumbling from hunger. A dog who has found a home is certainly a lucky and privileged one. We are simply requesting you to extend that love and privilege to some of his fellow brethren. Your support goes a long way in helping us help the numerous animals of Varanasi. As for the good karma, the universe for sure will find a way to return the favour to you when the time comes.

*The charges other than those for the ambulance fee mentioned below are only for an individual’s own pet animals.
**While we charge an ambulance fee for all the animals which need to be brought to the shelter(including injured street animals), but in such cases where an injured street/community animal is brought to the shelter by its rescuer or reporter themselves, its required treatment is done free of charge.
***Receipts are provided for all the payments/donations made to Aashray.

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